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Whether you are building a new home or renovating and improving your property, you will have thousands of garage door designs to choose from. The best place to start your search for a new door is at our Burlington showroom. Here you can see and even touch a full range of doors and view colour and window samples that you can use to customize your new garage upgrade.

Best of all, when you visit us at Door Design Inc, you will get to interact with our knowledgeable garage door experts. Because our design and sales pros have had years of experience in the industry, they can answer all your questions and provide advice about which doors to choose for your specific needs.

With this garage door “education,” you can feel confident that you will pick the best door for your needs.

When you come to our showroom, you should be prepared to talk about the following things with our experts:

  • The colour, style and age of your house and garage. (Bring a picture if you’d like).
  • Any special requirements (weatherproofing, heavy usage, oversized vehicles, etc).
  • How much you want to spend.
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Actually, you should bring along a picture of your house and garage because you can use it to produce a virtual image of your new garage door in our Design Centre. This will give you a visual reference so that you can see what your different choices will look like. This tool will take all the guesswork out of the choosing process.

Even with the design center and with all the knowledge of our experts, choosing a door can still be a long process. Our staff will assist you in any way that you need, but we pride ourselves on not pressuring customers to make a quick decision. We want you to be totally comfortable with your choice so that you do not rush and regret the decision in the future.

What, exactly, can you expect to see in our showroom?

  • A wide range of garage door examples. We have both classic and modern design, and a number of specific styles including stretch and carriage house doors.
  • colour samples
  • Samples of all the different window varieties we offer.
  • Samples of garage door openers, many of which have the latest safety and technology features.
  • Information about how to maintain your door. With proper maintenance, our doors will rarely require repairs.

We are also happy to visit your home and provide advice and samples and take measurements of your garage.

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Contact us anytime at 905-681-0100 to make a home visit appointment or get directions to our showroom.

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