Why we recommend Garaga

Here at Door Design Inc, we strongly recommend Garaga to all our customers because we’re convinced that it is one of the best—if not the best—garage door manufacturers in the business. The company has spent 30 years building its reputation not only on products of unsurpassed durability, reliability and beauty, but also on full customer service, exceeding the expectations of users in every aspect by providing Quality work… time after time!™

As part of those efforts, the company has established the Garaga Experts network. Only reputable companies with demonstrable knowledge and experience, meeting the highest standards of professionalism—from their sales representatives and customer service personnel to their installation and repair technicians—can become members. At Door Design Inc, we are proud to be part of this elite group!

The following are just a few of the features that set Garaga garage doors apart from the competition.


With a number of options in terms of insulation, Garaga garage doors can stand up to even the harshest of winter climates. With thermal breaks and weather-tight seals, they are guaranteed to maintain your garage at a comfortable temperature in all types of weather, keeping your heating bills to a minimum. Check out our performance videos and see for yourself why Garaga garage doors are the best on the market!


Garaga is so confident in the quality and durability of its merchandise that the company backs up the majority of its garage door models with a lifetime warranty. Manufactured in accordance with only the strictest standards in terms of materials and workmanship, Garaga products give you what few others can: peace of mind.


With a full array of colours, textures, decorative hardware and garage door windows to choose from, Garaga garage doors are as attractive on the outside as they are sturdy on the inside. Regardless of the architectural style of your home, Garaga has a model that will complement it to a tee, boosting its curb appeal and resale value.

The staff at Door Design Inc would be delighted to assist you in choosing the Garaga product that suits your needs and preferences—not to mention your pocketbook. Contact our sales personnel today and discover why you can’t go wrong when you choose Garaga.

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